Grove city midget football club

UpCOming Events

Grove City Midget Football is the right choice for your youth athlete at every skill level and age

Our coaches will be attending, in person, the 2023 Glazier Clinic

Each clinic has 100+ sessions of practical Xs and Os for your entire staff. Network and brainstorm with some of the best speakers in the game.

Exclusive invitation to Steelers Training Camp

As “members only” of USA Football, The Grove City Midget Football Club has been invited five times as a team to the Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp. Our team is giving special access down on the field with the players. The team also receives a short instructional session from the Steeler Staff on the field. We get pictures and autographs at the end. 

Our players use the same helmets as the NFL, Riddel Speed Flex helmets.

Speed Flex: State-of-the-art protection. Backed by extensive research and data from millions of on-field impacts.  

We only play Mercer County teams

Every coach and team listed below is USA Football Certified.  All coaches use the Heads Up method of tackling to reduce the occurrence of concussion.

5th quarter game time

This quarter is played after the game to give kids that are not quite ready for live play, playing time is in a controlled scrimmage as a steppingstone to getting into a live game.

This is a technique sport, and the technique they’re teaching at USA Football is huge … I can tell you everything my youth coach taught me to this day, so it’s so important that our youth coaches teach the right things, teach the proper fundamentals.”

Andy Reid, Head Coach, Kansas City Chiefs

2023 Football Season Overview

Pee Wee Team

5 to 9 years old (10 year old under 65 lbs)

New 10 year old Rule Change 2023: 10 year olds under 65 pounds are eligible to play down to the Pee Wee Level.

Head Coach - Steve Lynn

Assistant Coaches - Jerome Methaney, Alexander Bess, Jeremi Casella

Midget Team 

10-12 years old 

Head Coach - Dave Say

Assitant Coaches - Shane Salmon, Ben Kolbe, Mitch Augustine, Wes Phipps